PHP script to add watermark to all images in a folder

There are several situations when we need to add watermark to the image to protect copyrights and authorship of those images. But doing this task using some application isn’t a smart option. I am going to tell you a very simple and sophisticated way to generate the images with watermark dynamically using PHP.

PHP GD library is really a helpful tool to perform some image related tasks. We are going to use this library to add watermark to a bunch of images in this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we are going to add a watermark to all images in a folder dynamically and saving all those images in a different folder.

Here is the PHP code:

//Source folder where all images are placed

//Destination folder where all images with watermark will be copied

//Creating an image object of watermark image

//Margin of watermark from right and bottom of the main image

//Height ($sy) and Width ($sx) of watermark image

//Get list of images in source folder
$images=array_diff(scandir($source), array('..', '.'));

foreach($images as $image){
  //Create image object of main image

  //Copying watermark image into the main image
  imagecopy($img, $watermark, imagesx($img) - $sx - $margin_right, imagesy($img) - $sy - $margin_bottom, 0, 0, $sx, $sy);

  //Saving the merged image into the destination folder
  imagejpeg($img, $destination.'/'.$image,100);

  //Destroying the main image object

//Destroying watermark image object




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