Privacy Policy

The website developed and operated by Sujeet Kumar Singh is offered to the user/s or visitor/s on the basis of following terms and conditions.

Some pages on our website MAY utilize “cookies” or some other tracking technologies. For users’ information, “cookies” under consideration refer to a small text file that may be utilized for collecting information about Web site activity. Also, some cookies and other tracking technologies used on our website can be used for recalling any Personal Information previously submitted any visitor. However, most browsers allow visitors to control cookies, remove them and let them manage whether they accept them or not.

Hence, all the visitors can manage the cookies used on our website as per their convenience. But, they MAY be required to re – enter their password and username for the website again and again in case of login activities. Also, this may alter the working ad display of some web pages.

Usage and Disclosure of Visitors’ Personal Data:

The personal information submitted by the visitors will ONLY be used for answering the queries or to fulfill their requirements or requests and for technical administration. This personal information will NOT be disclosed to any third party or any other unauthorized services.

Usage & Management of Cookies, Active Contents, and Routines:

Other tracking technologies used on our website can record the user information such as domain names, host names, browser and operating system configuration and IP Addresses. We may also store the Dates and Times of logging into our website for user tracking. The data received from cookies will be utilized to improve the Website and Web Experience of visitors. The statistical data may be utilized for some other analysis regarding the user traffic.

In case, there are any third party content or services on our website, it will NOT be sold or utilized against the consent of the involved user or visitor.

Security Measures:

The visitors will be responsible for the information revealed by them in the discussion forums as it will be visible to all the members involved in that post. The website uses SSL to protect the information provided by users from hacking/hijacking.

Further Information:

We will be pleased to hear your queries at [email protected]/[email protected] . Visitors can ask for more information regarding the posts, information on the website and the sources at any time.

We hold all the rights to make changes, update and delete clauses from this privacy policy in the light of technical and organizational changes in future.